Manufacture and sale of maneuverable twin-hull boats with extended deck area from 10 sq meters of increased stability.


Strizh-2 (FBT-43-2)


530 000 ₽

Strizh-1 (FBT-43-1)


550 000 ₽

Bekas-2 (FBT-48-2)


580 000 ₽

Bekas-1 (FBT-48-1)


600 000 ₽

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Great place

You can get a deck area of 10 sq. m. with the length of the catamaran’s hull 4.3 m. and 11 sq. m. with the length of the catamaran’s hull 4.8 m.

For example, the area of the boat’s deck is 4.7 m*2m.


High stability both in the Parking lot and on the move, it is almost impossible to turn over.

Security "FBT"

Possibility to install two motors.

High stability both in the Parking lot and on the move, it is almost impossible to turn over.

If the steering cable breaks at full speed, it will not turn over. this is determined by the characteristics of the twin hulled boat’s hull type.

You can also go at any angle to the wave, the wave of course must be comparable to the geometric dimensions of the twin hulled boat, it will not turn over as one hull vessel can turn over because of its keel.

Unsinkable as the hulls are filled with polyurethane buoyancy blocks.

Nautical qualities

Due to the features of the hull, the catamaran has high nautical qualities  and no shock loads when walking on a wave. The main criteria that determine nautical qualities  are the length of the hull and its keel.

Nautical qualities "FBT"

A practical comparison was made on the water in different conditions:

* motor boat length 4.7 m width 2.0 m keel 16 degrees;

* twin hulled boat length 4.3 m width 2.2 m keel 7 degrees,

the twin hulled boat absolutely surpassed in all parameters.

Twin hulled boats with a length of 4.3 m and 4.8 m despite the large width have a small weight that allows you to transport on trailers with a total weight of 750 kg.

In other words category B E does not need the maximum width of the transported cargo on public roads 2.55 m

Disadvantages of the twin hulled boat hull type of course there is this

  • lower load capacity with the same overall dimensions as a single-hulled vessel;

* it is impossible to make it compact because there is a dependence of length and width.

• weight distribution and center of gravity are very important, although this also matters in single-hull vessels.

It is possible to install an awning

Transportation by trailer

For transporting a catamaran, a regular car trailer is suitable.

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